Established in 2017, Ayako Studio is Belgrade based architectural practice dedicated to digitalization and implementation of 3D technologies in the field of architecture and cultural heritage.

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Ayako Studio

Based on scanned data, we can deliver technical documentation and as-built plans with the level of detail that you need.

Based on photogrammetric data we can deliver highly precise 3D models.

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Our field of work covers 3D documentation of buildings, spaces and objects. We offer 3D scanning services with 3D laser scanner and by close range photogrammetry.


Depending on your needs, our services include: 3D modeling, as-built plans, walk-through animations, graphical or virtual representations, ortho plans and ortho images in high resolution as well as consulting.

We offer laser 3D services as well as processing of scanned data according to your needs.

Architectural visualisations

3D Laser scanning of underground structure 


Photogrammetric model of a Kingfisher